L2PRO Highlights

L2PRO will increase awareness and aid in a better understanding of the IP domain. You will learn how to

  • Protect innovations with patents,
  • Use copyrights to protect software,
  • Develop trademarks,
  • Integrate IP considerations into company business models
  • Obtain value from research and development (R&D) efforts.
  • Enable innovators to access tools to help bring innovations quickly to market.

L2PRO E-Learning IP Training platform

The L2PRO course has 11 modules, which are distributed into three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Each module explains the concept using text, quizzes and short videos. Every lesson also provides links to additional resources on the subject.

Basic Level

  • IP Fundamentals: General Introduction, Patents
  • IP Fundamentals: Trademarks & Geographical Indications
  • IP Fundamentals: Copyrights & Neighbouring Rights, Industrial Designs Protection
  • IP Fundamentals: Unfair Competition, Trade Secrets, Plant Variety Protection

Intermediate Level

  • Securing your IP: Filing and acquisition of IP.
  • Market Assessment: IP Searches and FTO
  • IP Commercialization: Assignment and Licensing Arrangements
  • Managing IP Portfolios: Territorial Considerations and Relevance of Restrictive Covenants

Advance Level

  • Access to Funding and Venture Capital and IP
  • Introduction to Standards and Standard Setting Organizations (SSOs)
  • Dealing with Disputes: Infringement, Validity and Defenses, arbitration

L2PRO Certification

At the end of every level, there is an assessment based on a case study along with questions to test your learning. Successful learners are provided e-certificates jointly awarded by CIPAM, NLUD, and Qualcomm.




The role of the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) is to promote/accelerate the industrial Development of the Country by facilitating investment in new and upcoming technology, foreign direct investment and supporting the balanced development of industries



CIPAM is a professional body under the aegis of Department for Promotion of industry and Internal Trade(DPIIT) which ensures focused action on issues related to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). CIPAM assists in simplifying and streamlining of IP processes, apart from undertaking steps for furthering IPR awareness, commercialization and enforcement.



The Centre for Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (CIIPC) has been established at the National Law University Delhi with the aim of supporting academic and policy oriented dialogues in the areas of innovation, IP and competition



National Law University, Delhi (NLUD) is a premier law school committed to training future generations of lawyers. National Law University, Delhi endeavoures to provide clinical and interdisciplinary legal education having interface with finance, technology, business and provide necessary skills to students

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